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Stalling Startm color selections available on their page, other footbags are assorted colors
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  Gladiator 92P, synthetic suede footbag
Gladiatortm 92P,$14
For the best multi-panel footbag buy
You will find anywhere!

  Matrix 122P, synthetic suede footbag
Matrixtm 122P,$16
To start creating your own
Magical Matrix Moments!
The Niagara is very supple and round, a real classic with a beautiful geometric design. It's made of synthetic suede with polyethylene beads filler. The Niagara is often recommended by seasoned kickers to new kickers. It also comes in leather (selection of firm and very firm) for $14.

The 92P Gladiator is a medium firm footbag. Danceman is very fond of this footbag. The Gladiator is also made of synthetic suede with polyethylene beads filler.

Our top-of-the-line 122P Matrix is an excellent footbag made of synthetic suede filled about 1/3 full with polyethylene beads so it is a soft footbag, good for stalling. We have rave reviews about it and the "Magical Matrix Moments" it creates.

Footbag designs created by staff or manufacturer and come in assorted colors
Shipping and Handling Charges More than 10 footbags requires extra shipping
$ 0.00 to $ 9.99 $ 3.00
$10.00 to $ 49.99 $5.00
$50.00 and above Free
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